In keeping with its mission of promoting the country’s sustainable development and innovation, LATU has a vast record supporting industry with research, development and innovation. From the beginning, LATU has kept its strong commitment to cooperate with the national industry, which showed the way and strategies for the development of production in the country.

In 1965, technology and industry-applied innovation were not frequent topics. However, the founders of LATU had the strategic vision of building these capacities in the institution, and maintained it for over half a century. In 1975, LATU opened its first pilot plants, that were initially established through partnerships with countries that invested heavily; with time the institution got adapted and kept always updated to meet the needs of each sector of industry, always keeping an eye on the global trends. Moreover, from the start, LATU has worked in the development of products, processes and technologies based on the needs of the production sectors, systematically monitoring the global tendencies and taking the national production to the world’s most demanding markets.

It is through Fundación Latitud, and with its staff, its infrastructure and the equipment available, as well as with its ongoing update, that LATU visualizes a new stage, where research, development and innovation will have a more dynamic and current approach, to provide the industry with a support adapted to its needs. Following LATU’s tradition as an articulator used to coordinating with the authorities, the academia and the production sector in the country, Fundación Latitud is actively involved in applied scientific research, contributing through the developments of its own human capital, and trying to meet the needs of the manufacturing sector, based on the state of the art of science and technology.