Research Areas

Environment and water

Latitud carries out systemic eco-innovation projects based on the concept of life cycle, oriented to increase efficiency in the use of natural resources, to minimize waste and to prevent the release of hazardous substances favoring the closed cycles of materials and, ultimately, supporting sustainable development. We offer solutions to strategic sectors of the country, improving their environmental performance through transfer and innovation applied to products and processes, and promoting the paradigm shift from environmental protection to sustainability, with the incorporation of economic and social dimensions in life cycle studies. We work in partnership with national and international agencies for the food, energy, forestry and extractive industries in areas that include, among others, cleaner technologies and production, climate change and carbon footprint, contaminated site assessment and remediation, waste management and waste minimization.

Under the framework of the Waters Program, we work in a network investigating the applicability of innovative technologies to improve the processes used in the purification of water and filtration of effluents, with a watershed and ecosystemic health approach. Through our links with national and international universities, we support and guide master and Ph.D. theses, to strengthen national capacities in topics including: modeling of point and diffuse sources and ecosystem indicators, eco-toxicology studies, removal of emerging pollutants, cyanobacteria, viruses and resistant parasites in water and wastewater, processes for the re-use of water and recovery of nutrients and energy, and lagoon restoration.